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Rapid.Space DC Rack Series

  • Last Update:2020-04-28
  • Version:001
  • Language:en

Key Benefits

  • plug-and-use
  • optional EdgeCore Switch
  • localised power supply
  • redundant electricity supply
  • fully open source
  • hardware verification service
  • 3 year warranty
  • 1 year Rapid.Space support

Starting from 80.000€ - the most cost-efficient solution to build or upgrade public and private data centers 

A DC System from scratch - plug-and-use

The Rapid.Space DC Series includes two powerful racks: the model "19" (standard 19" rack with 16 servers running on 5KW) and the model "21" (heavy-duty, 21" rack with 32 servers, running on 10KW). Both racks come as "Node" for on-premise use or as "Fabric" for easy DC integration. Both racks are available with Tioga Pass or Sesame OCP certified servers..

Rack Servers On Premise Cloud Tioga Pass Sesame MiTac
19 inch 16 Node-19 Fabric-19 19+T 19+S (coming soon)
21 inch 32 Node-21 Fabric-21 21+T 21+S (coming soon)

Customizable to fit any need and region

The model 21 uses upward cables for redundant electricity supply and includes an EdgeCore switch (40 ports) sufficient to link three model 19. For the model 19 itself, the switch is optional. Power supply can be chosen betwen either 2x single phase 240V (China Telecom Standard), 1x 3-phase 400V (EU Standard), single cable or 1x 3-phase 200V (Japan/Taiwan). US standards will be supported soon.

Model 21

Global Hyperconverged Computing

Rapid.Space DC racks can be used to build low-cost reversible hyperconverged infrastructures. Racks are built from standard, easy-to-replace components and completely self-configure by the AI-driven Rapid.Space operation management service. Rapid.Space maintains their own POP infrastructure around the world providing configuration and maintainance for its public cloud services as well as numerous private cloud intallations. Racks can be used to build own data centers or integrate Rapid.Space franchise POPs into the global infrastructure maintained by Rapid.Space.

Model 19

Open Source, Service and Security

Rapid.Space racks are hyper open: all hardware components and included software source code for configuration and service deployment are open-source (except restricted source for MiTac servers).

Security is paramount: Rapid.Space is based on zero-knowledge technology, all services being run are open source, making data secure, yet accessible and portable..

Onboard and optional service package:  Racks come with a 3 year warranty (return to shipper) and 1 year of Rapid.Space operation support. Rapid.Space provides optional LAP service (logistic attack preemption). Racks can easily be remotely maintained using any smartphone plus an included raspberry pi.


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