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Rapid.Space Node Series

  • Last Update:2020-05-26
  • Version:004
  • Language:en

Key Benefits

  • plug-and-use cloud fabric
  • 24/7 managed operation
  • open-source OCP hardware
  • open-source cloud software
  • open-source management
  • 21" or 19" form factor
  • hyperscale performance
  • 10GbE/40GbE networking 
  • redundant power supply
  • self-configuring
  • self-healing
  • ships worldwide incl. China
  • hardware verification service
  • 3-year hardware warranty
  • 1-year OM service

Starting from 80.000€ - the most cost-efficient solution to build or upgrade public, private or hybrid IT infrastructure 

Rapid.Space Node - plug-and-use OCP cloud fabric

Rapid.Space Nodes are self-configuring, self-healing, plug-and-use OCP racks available in two powerful configurations: the Node-19 (standard 19" rack with 16 servers) and the Node-21 (21" OpenRack V2 with 36 servers). Node-19 fits into pre-existing 19" racks. Node-21 ships with its own rack designed for OCP Ready data-centers. Both racks include redundant power supply. They are filled with either Leopard (ITRenew), Tioga Pass (MITAC) or Capri (MITAC) servers. An Edgecore AS5812-54X switch preloaded with OpenAOS provides 48x10GbE + 6x40GbE networking.

Form Factor Power Servers Leopard Tioga Pass Capri
19" rack adapter 5 kW 16 Node-19L Node-19T coming soon
21" Open Rack v2 10 kW 36 Node-21L Node-21T coming soon

Globally available

Rapid.Space Nodes can be shipped worldwide. They are certified for EU (CE), USA (FCC), China (CCC) and Japan. They support single-phase (240V, 277V) or three-phase (200V, 400V). 

Node-21L Node-19T

Hyperscale performance

  Leopard Tioga Pass Capri
CPU cores 24 (Xeon v3) 20 (Xeon SIlver) 64 (Epyc 2)
RAM (GB) 256 256 1024
SSD (TB) 4 4 4
Storage architecture  1 x SATA 6 x SATA 10 x NVMe

Rapid.Space Node default configuration is inspired by the standard specification of servers deployed at Facebook or Yahoo! Japan. Leopard servers are sourced from ITRenew (circular economy). Tioga Pass and Capri servers are sourced from MITAC (Shunde factory).

Managed Private Cloud

Deploy Rapid.Space nodes on-premise and operate a private cloud without hiring a dedicated team for 24/7 operation management (OM). Each node includes 1-year remote OM service and supports provisioning, orchestration, monitoring, disaster recovery, resource accounting and billing.

Rapid.Space Nodes are easily maintained with any smartphone and included Raspberry Pi. The 3 year warranty covers return to shipper for repair/relacement.

Hybrid Cloud

If you need more computing power, you may extend your Rapid.Space on-premise nodes with any conventional public cloud (AWS, Alicloud, etc.) or with Rapid.Space Hyper Open public cloud available worldwide. Prices start from 195€ / month / server for Leopard or Tioga Pass servers.

Become a Public Cloud Provider

Register yourself as Rapid.Space point of presence (POP) and receive 175€ / month / server provisioned on your Rapid.Space Node.

Hyper Open 

Rapid.Space Nodes are built with open-source hardware components (restricted source for MITAC). All Software is open-source: operating system (Linux), operation management (SlapOS), switching (OpenAOS), networking (re6st) and routing (babel). Operation know-how is converted into open-source management procedures. Rapid.Space welcomes contribution of new cloud services, of new points of presence (POP) and of new hardware.


Rapid.Space zero-knowledge technology means that no passwords or credentials are shared between nodes or with Rapid.Space itself. All passwords or credentials remain on-premise. Rapid.Space provides optional security services to detect logistic attacks and software threats.

Rapid.Space is suitable for sensitive applications (defense, government, research) that require full reversibility and operation without Internet access.

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