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Tutorial for peer review of an answer set

A step by step guid to teach the students how to conduct peer review.
  • Last Update:2016-07-21
  • Version:001
  • Language:en

How to peer review an Answer Set

This tutorial will show you how to conduct a peer review for the answer sets that are assigned to you.

Click on "Answer Set to Peer Review"

Firstly, under " My Favourites" drop-down menu you will find the choice "Answer Set to Peer Review". Click on this option, you will be redirected to the answer sets page. There you will see all the answer sets awaiting for you to peer review. The answer set state should be "Submitted for Peer Review".

Select the answer set that you want to peer review

Now you are at the answer set list page. Here all answer sets that need you to peer review are listed. Click on the answer set that you want to peer review.

Add correction line to answer set

To add correction line to the answer set as a whole, click on "Add Correction Line" under "Action" drop-down menu. Note: only use this action to add general evaluation to the whole answer set. To correct individual answer, use "Fast Input" action which is explained in the following sections of this tutorial.

Choose suitable correction

Choose the correction which fit your intend, then click on "Set Relation".Then you will be redirected to the answer set page and the general corrections will be added.

Select the answer

Read the answers, and click on the answer that you want to correct.

Click on "Fast Input" at the answer page

Now you are located at the page of the answer line which you selected.To correct this answer, click on the button "FastInput" on the tool bar.

Choose the suitable correction

Now you are directed to the correction line fast input page, choose the suitable corrections (could be multiple), then click on "Add Correction Lines to Answer for Peer Review".

Add comment to the corrections

Now you are directed to the page to add comment. If you feel that the corrections were too general, you could add comment to the corrections which you choosed. Then, click on "Explain Corrections".

Continue with the next answer that need to be corrected

To continue with the corrections, you could click on the answer set title to go back to the overview of the answers, or click on "next " button on the tool bar to view the next answer.

Click on "Request from Peer Review" to request the answer set

After you finished correcting all the answers that need to be improved, save your changes, and click on "Request from Peer Review" under the "Action" menu.

Improve your own answer set after peer review

After the peer review process, you could view on the main page, under "My Favourites" menu, there is an option "Peer Reviewed Answer Set to Improve". Click on this option, you could view and improve your own answer sets.