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How To Save Document Or Change State

How To showing the difference between saving a document and changing workflow state.
  • Last Update:2016-02-09
  • Version:003
  • Language:en

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The floppy disk icon is here to give you the ability to quickly save the document you are working on.

Floppy Disk Icon

Using it will only save your data and won't ever change the validation workflow state.

You should always save your data before acting on the worflow state of the document. If you don't, only the saved informations will be taken into account.

Changing State

Actions defined on a document allow to you to change it's state. A document can be in state Draft and saved multiple times.

When action Publish is selected, the state of the document changes from Draft to Published. In this specific new state it is no longer possible to edit and save the document.

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