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How To Create ERP5 User Login

How To showing the steps required to create an ERP5 user login.
  • Last Update:2017-01-20
  • Version:003
  • Language:en

This how to will show the steps necessary to create a working ERP5 User Login. It will not show how to add a person with valid assignment required before adding a login or how to set user access permissions or the difference between ERP5 and Zope and developer users.

Table of Contents

Adding User Login

There are two ways to add login credentials for a user.

  • Use the Create User action in the person module.
  • Directly through a person's Assignments tab.

Adding a Login through the Create User Action

To allow a person with an assignment to login, you can use the action Create User in the action menu.

Fill out the dialog fields and click Create User. Make sure your person has a default email adress defined in case you want to recover your password at any point (How to recover your password).

Adding Multiple Logins Through The Assignment Tab

  • It is possible to maintain multiple logins for a person.
  • For example to handle Oauth 3rd-party logins.
  • To add a new ERP5 Login, select the action Add ERP5 Login

Setting New ERP5 Login

  • Fill out the required information.
  • Click Save
  • Once saved, select action Validate

Note, that to make multiple logins work the first time, you have to fix consistencies after installing the underlying business template.

Viewing Multiple ERP5 Logins

  • You can view all available logins on the assignment tab.
  • Note the login in the first section is no longer active.
  • To open and edit a login, please click on it.

Editing A Login Through The Assignment Tab

  • From the Login view you can modify the login information.
  • Once you are done, click Save.

(Outdated) Adding A Login Through The Assignment Tab

Alternatively you can add this information on the assignments tab directly. Note this requires manager access rights.

User Login Troubleshooting

To check if the login is working, either log out and try to login or test the credentials in an anomyous browser tab. If you cannot log in, make sure your user is validated and has a started assignment. If this does not work, clear your cache and make sure there are no pending portal-activities (HowTo debug portal activities).

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