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How To Use ERP5 Admin

How To showing how to use ERP5 from administrator level.
  • Last Update:2016-02-11
  • Version:001
  • Language:en

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  • a "form" button now opens a navigation dialogue which displays detailed info about current thing (a form or a script):
    • location in skins
    • what does it overwrite, and what overwrites it (e.g. versions in other skin folders)
  • the dialogue allows navigating between versions, and doing "customize" and "revert" on them (diff-ing is planned)

Version 2.2

  • the security window is not automatically refreshed anymore (it was redundant and dangerous); instead it has two buttons - "refresh" which reloads security info for the object it was opened at, and "go here" to show info for the current context if we have wandered elsewhere
  • security window can be resized, and the size is persistent
  • security can be toggled using button on the rightmost end of the status bar
  • keyboard switches:
    • Ctrl+Alt+S - toggle security window
    • Ctrl+Alt+A - clear all cache

Version 2.1

  • the security window has now a "stay here" switch
    • by default, the window stays with the context you opened it, so you can then go to editing role definitions or script and keep an eye on changing security for the object
    • if you uncheck the "stay here" box at the top of security window, it starts to surf with you, so that you can easily check current security settings for a series of objects. /!\ Beware: if you start editing a script while using this feature, the script may be repeatedly executed, so make sure it does no harm.
  • the url construction problem is now fixed - the admin works in sites which do not show "/erp5" path, and activity counter doesn't run scripts

Version 2.0

The erp5admin is a Firefox extension to ease life of ERRP5 application developers. Now version 2.0 is out, with many new features:

  • activity counter in the top-right part of the screen - click on it to start, then it refreshes every 1 second telling how many pending activities are there
  • "clear cache" button to immediately erase all caches
  • a security window which can be opened at the bottom part of the screen - auto-refreshes every 3 seconds, giving detailed security information about the context
  • if you select a camel-cased name anywhere - in a form, on a page, in error log - right-click will give you options to edit the object, find it in skins or grep for it
  • "object" menu contains an option to jump straight to the portal type definition of the context, or role definitions of the portal type
  • test script name can be customised in browser preferences, so that every developer can have his own (if it doesn't exist the system will create it)
    • to configure, go to about:config and add a preference "erp5.erp5admin.test_script_name".
  • "skins" menu can be customized per site - the option "site->Configure..." reads a custom script and adjusts the menu accordingly
    • to configure, edit the script "portal_skins/erp5_admin/Admin_getSkinList
  • if you request a url which is already open in a tab, erp5admin jumps to this tab instead of opening another one
  • Plus many bugfixes and minor improvements.


From Source

Check it out from the repository:

svn co erp5admin

Run "make" - it will create a file "erp5admin.xpi":

cd erp5admin

Open the file in Firefox, follow instructions on the screen.

Business template - REQUIRED

In the source code, there is a business template "erp5_admin". Many of the new features of erp5admin require it to work properly.

You can create .bt5 file using tar:

cd erp5admin
tar --exclude=.svn -czf erp5_admin.bt5 erp5_admin

Usage and configuration

Reference site

Reference site can be changed (from by going to about:config (in Firefox) and adding a preference named "erp5.erp5admin.reference_site", value should be a complete name of the reference site (incl. protocol, port, site id and terminating slash).

Fast skin jumper

Find Script (Python) Admin_getSkinList and provide there list of skins, that are needed for fast access from site. Then from "site" menu choose "Configure erp5admin for current site".

Test script name

The "skins" menu allows a direct jump to a test script - default script name is "test_py". The "object" menu lets you run this script on current context. You can change your test script name (recommended if you are working in a team) by going to about:config (in Firefox) and adding a preference named "erp5.erp5admin.test_script_name". The script will be automatically created in "custom" skin once you try to jump to it.

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