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How To Use Sphinx Search Engine

How To showing how to add another possibility to fulltext search documents in ERP5.
  • Last Update:2016-02-09
  • Version:001
  • Language:en

Sphinx search engine is an open source full-text search engine. It supports:

  • real-time indexing
  • stemming for various languages using Snowball.

Table of Contents

How to use

To use Sphinx search engine in ERP5, you need to to the followings:

  • create 'Z MySQL Database Connection' object.
  • configure portal_catalog property (optional).
  • install erp5_full_text_sphinxse_catalog business template.

create 'Z MySQL Database Connection' object in your ERP5 portal folder using ZMI

First, Go to your ERP5 portal folder with ZMI (eg. /erp5/manage_main). Then add a 'Z MySQL Database Connection' object like the following:

  • Id - sphinx_sql_connection
  • Database Connection String - dummy@

Here, we don't care 'database' parameter. Modify 'host' and 'port' part according to your environment. is the default of our buildout environment.

configure portal_catalog property (optional)

By default, the name of the Sphinx search engine database is 'erp5'. If you want to use a different database name, go to property management screen of your catalog (eg. /erp5/portal_catalog/erp5_mysql_innodb/manage_propertiesForm) and add a new property like the following:

  • Name - sphinx_index
  • Type - string
  • Value - your_database_name

install erp5_full_text_sphinxse_catalog business template

Now install erp5_full_text_sphinxse_catalog business template. Find inside portal_catalog/erp5_mysql_innodb z_catalog_sphinxse_index_list and z0_uncatalog_sphinxse_index and make sure they use already created before sphinx_sql_connection which is open.

Reindex the site with clear_catalog.


I want to recreate Sphinx search engine index without reindexing everything in MySQL
You can invoke 'ERP5Site_reindexSphinxSE' script, that reads full_text data from MySQL's full_text table and index them in Sphinx search engine.

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