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Get data from Data (Bucket) Stream and write to Data Array

This Note shows how to use Data (Bucket) Stream and Data Array
  • Last Update:2017-03-09
  • Version:001
  • Language:en

This note was written to show how get Data from Data Stream and Data Bucket Stream and write to Data Array

Table of Contents

Get Data From Data Stream

chunk_list = my_data_stream.readChunkList(start_offset, end_offset)

Returns a list of data chunks. To get directly a string:

my_string = ''.join(my_data_stream.readChunkList(start_offset, end_offset))

Get Data From Data Bucket Stream

bucket_list = readBucketList(start_offset, bucket_count)

Returns a list of buckets. Each bucket is a string.

Work with Data Array

my_zbigarray = my_data_array.getArray()
# check if zbigarray is already initialised:
if my_zbigarray is None:
  my_zbigarray = my_data_array.initArray(shape, dtype)
# append to zbigarray
# get a slice from zbigarray as ndarray
my_ndarray = zbigarray[start:end]
# get whole zbigarray as ndarray (careful, zbigarray might be very big)
my_ndarray = zbigarray[:]

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