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Can I request a test account to try?

Can I request a test account to try?
  • Last Update:2020-08-19
  • Version:002
  • Language:en

Rapid.Space does not provide test accounts for VM for free, however, Rapid.Space provides certain "Free services" with limited conditions. 

The free services are: 

  • "Free SDN" service (including in China for now)
  • "Free CDN" service (only outside China)
  • "Free OM" service (including in China for now)

The purpose of Free Services is to help independent developers learn how to use Rapid.Space's SlapOS technology. In order to prevent abuse, Free Services have the following limitations:

  • only available for a limited period of time (6 months);
  • service can be stopped at any time by Rapid.Space without notice;
  • customers may be requested to confirm services from time to time (every month).

Please contact Rapid.Space team if you want to request a free service.