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What is the performance of VPS compared to bare metal?

What percentage of performance can VPS achieve compared to a bare metal server with the same specifications
  • Last Update:2020-07-22
  • Version:001
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For CPU, networking or memory access, the performance loss due to para virtualisation is close to nothing. Detailed tests show that all operations run at the same speed (+/- 5%) except memory copy which can be in rare cases about 30% slower. In average, the performance loss due to para virtualisation is under 5%. Regarding disk I/O, typical performance measured by synthetics tests shows no loss thanks to "pass through" configuration (the VPS accesses directly the PCI bus and accesses attached SSD storage). However, benchmarks based on real application loads (ERP, CRM, etc.), read performance is almost same but write performance is 30% lower. Yet, this is an order of magnitude better than virtualised block storage.