Wendelin - Open Source Big Data Platform for Industry and Science

Wendelin is an open source software solution specifically designed for Big Data and 'Convergence Ready' to be integrated with classic ERP business processes. It interfaces with industry-standard libraries for data ingestion, analytics and machine learning on a fully automated, scalable and cloud-based software stack.
  • Last Update:2015-09-23
  • Version:001
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An Open Source Solution for Big Data

Wendelin is an open source system specifically designed for Big Data. It interfaces with industry-standard libraries for data ingestion, analytics and machine learning on a fully automated, scalable and cloud-based software stack which can be extended to manage Big Data applications as well ("Convergence-Ready"). This make Wendelin a powerful, easy-to-use and flexible software for all things "Big Data".

Going Beyond Technical Limits

Wendelin is completely written in Python reducing the time necessary for data conversion between different formats to a minium while its "out-of-core" technology allows truly "big" data computations by going beyond the limits of available hardware resources (RAM/memory). With the possibility of storing data on a distributed network of servers (self-configuring, "Plug-And-Use"), Wendelin can achieve virtually infinite data processing capacity making it ideal for exploring Big Data possibilities, running data-to-day queries and analysis or developing custom applications.

Loaded for Big Data and Machine Learning

Wendelin interfaces with many popular Big Data and Machine Learning libraries, such as fluentD for bandwidth-friendly, standardized data ingestion, IPython Notebook and NumPy for analysis and computing or scikit-learn for machine learning. The idea is to combine and interface libraries providing them on an easy-to-use, scalable software stack making Wendelin a sound foundation for both heavy data science or complex monitoring, analysis and machine learning applications.

One Stack to Run it All

Wendelin is running and utilizing other Nexedi software products, as well. SlapOS is used for managing cloud deployment and orchestration with data being stored in NEO, Nexedis distributed storage while ERP5 acts as PAAS (platform-as-a-service) solution in the background. This setup tailors to the need of Big Data Analysis while at the same time providing an environment for rapid development of Big Data applications with the option of extending these even further towards business logic ("Convergence-Ready").

Have Big Data? Move Quickly? Try Wendelin!

Having built Wendelin from the ground up and basing it on our existing software stack allows Nexedi to offer the full range of services related to the creation of custom Big Data solutions. Our generic philosophy and reduced lead-time translates into quick implementation time while our experience in leveraging third party tools allows to extend Wendelin to your specific needs also easeing integration and data ingestion along the way.

If you are in need of a future-proof, risk-free and easily scalable solution to handle big data or would like to have more information, you can find first implementation success cases on both Wendelin and Nexedis sucess case sections. For further information please contact us through our website's contact section.

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Key Facts

  • Initial Release2015
  • Current Version0.4 Alpha
  • Operating SystemLinux, Unix
  • LicenceGPL

Key Benefits

  • Big Data and Science platform
  • Standard compliant data ingestion
  • Computation beyond limits of memory
  • IPython, Numpy, Scikit on board
  • Fully automated, distributed cloud

Key Industries

  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Banking
  • Government
  • Manufacturing
  • Tolling
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