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Accounting and Finance with TioLive

Description of Accounting scope.
  • Last Update:2010-10-01
  • Version:001
  • Language:en

TioLive leverages ERP5 - the most advanced open source ERP - to provide to provide straightforward yet advanced accounting. ERP5 Accounting is already used by numerous small businesses to produce IFRS compliant reports on 4 continents.

ERP5 Accounting is used by government agencies to record, verify and report the books of account for financial transactions of more than 1 billion USD yearly. Thanks to TioLive, small businesses can now use ERP5 Accounting for free.

Save time on everyday tasks

TioLive Accounting is integrated with the other features of TioLive allowing you to use the data of your ERP for accountancy. This means you don't have to enter the same information twice which saves you time, money and protects you from input errors.

Moreover, the integrated consistency checks help you to avoid errors in your accounting.

Work with external accountants

TioLive makes it easy for external accountants to remotely access your data. This will help you get your accounting done quicker and cheaper because you can save on the reimbursement for their travel costs.

A guide on using TioLive for accountants is provided for free.

Get insight into your business

You will always have the financial information about your company at your fingertips because Express Accounting provides an OLAP based accounting model that allows for real time online accounting reports which can be combined in any number of dimensions.

Proven and certified

TioLive Accounting was developed with and certified by chartered accountants to guarantee the quality and ease of use of the product. It has proven its power in multiple implementations around the globe ranging from small companies to multinational corporations.

In cases where TioLive does not provide an accounting plan suitable for your country, TioLive will configure your data for you as long as it can be delivered in spreadsheet format.

Feature overview

  • activity based accounting

  • asset management and amortisations

  • automatic payroll generation

  • certified by chartered accountants

  • flexible OLAP based reporting

  • multi-currency support

  • multidimensional budget accounting

  • multi-gap support

  • multi-key analytical accounting

  • project accounting

  • previsional accounting

  • simulation based cash management

  • workflow based accounting