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Free ERP5 Express Online Training

News sur la formation en ligne gratuite
  • Last Update:2020-02-07
  • Version:1
  • Language:en

Discover ERP5 Express Modules with a trainer from the Express Team. You will see what you can do with the different areas of the application, and will be given access to a special business case that will help you learn how a typical sales scenario can be processed from scratch. A 15 minute question/answer session will be held in the end of the presentation.

How to participate?

Send an email to with "Training" as a subject.

A session is scheduled each week at 5pm (French Timezone)

This session will be handled in english only.

Technical Requirements

In order for you to attend this session, you will have to fulfill those technical requirements:

  1. Use one of the following Web Browsers:
  2. Flash version inferior to version 10: You can find some help on Adobe website in order to understand how to downgrade your Flash Version from 10 to 9:
  3. If you want to ask questions after the session, you will need a microphone.


ERP5 Express presentation

Short presentation of ERP5 Express.


Complete tour of ERP5 Express functionalities: Contact management, Product data management, Trade, Accounting, CRM, DMS.

Business Case

You will be granted access to a special business case:

"Sell a product and thank you clients"

  1. First Steps
    • Create organisations and persons
    • Create a product and an inventory
    • Create a sale trade condition
  2. Trade
    • Create a sale order and apply trade conditions
    • Confirm the order and ship
    • Check the stock
  3. Accounting
    • Generate the invoice and make payment
    • Check the accounting transaction
  4. CRM
    • Create a campiagn and add events
    • Open the campaign and post events