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ERP5 Code and Test

This section will contains information for developers on ERP5 source code and tests.

Learning development with ERP5 can take from a few hours up to one or two years depending on how deep you want to dive in terms of know-how and scope. If you simply want to develop gadgets and reports, OSOE provides learning tracks to bootstrap a developer in less than a day. If you want to develop extensions to ERP5 core, patience is required since the scope of ERP5 is quite wide - probably as wide as the Linux kernel itself.

ERP5 Source Code

ERP5 | Open Source ERP - Gitlab Repository Screenshot

The source code of ERP5 is hosted on Gitlab. To use or download ERP5 either check for the latest (evaluation) version source code on the release overview or setup a production-ready instance through the developer getting started section.

Test Driven Development

ERP5 | Open Source ERP - Screenshot Test Environment

Developing ERP5 is not possible without use of automated testing. The ERP5 project uses its own platform for running tests which itself uses a cloud-hosted cluster of machines managed by SlapOs for all testing. This allows Nexedi to fully manage automated testing using its own public cloud infrastructure.

More information on the testing infrastructure can be found in quality section. The documentation also includes information on writing tests, specifically on how to write and how to run Zelenium Tests.

ERP5 Developer Setup

SlapOS | Open Source Cloud Deployment and Orchestration - Screenshot SlapOS Webrunner

ERP5 is split into a core and extensions (business templates/bt5) covering certain functional scopes. To work on and contribute to ERP5 usually means setting up your own instance and then adding the business templates you are interested in using and contributing to.