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Read or you will Die !

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OSOE Course Guide

Read or you will die!

This presentation explains the most important facts you have to know before starting the OSOE course.

Two Course Variants

  1. Virtual Machine Variant -> Preparation A
  2. Online Instance Variant -> Preparation B

There are two Versions of the course. The standard way to do the course is by following the Virtual Machine Variant. Unless you have been told otherwise, follow the Tutorial in section Preparations A: Virtual Machine Course Variant and then jump directly to section Introduction.

Only, if you have got a link to an online instance of ERP5, you will follow the Preparations B: Online Instance Course Variant and afterwards continue with section Introduction



If you are doing the course during a university class or if you want to receive a certificate for the course, then you must register for the evaluation of the course. For students from the supinfo university, there is a dedicated registration form at All others, please register at

The only requirement is to find a real case for the interview and your ERP configuration. For the evaluation, you have to do an interview with the management of an organisation. It can be a small company, like for exmaple, a shop, an engineering company, a service company or a production company. Or it can be a department in a larger organistation. Or a not-for-profit organisation. Or a public administration. It is important, that you do the interview with the management of the organisation, else it will not work.

For Questions or Problems

  1. Read Class FAQ
  2. Read OSOE Forum
  3. Ask OSOE Forum

In case you have any question or problem, please first read the Class FAQ to check, if your issue is described in our list of frequently asked questions. If you cannot find it there, please first read the posts in our OSOE Forum before you post yourself.