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HowTo ingest data with fluentd inside Wendelin

A tutorial showing how to ingest data into Wendelin using fluentd.

HowTo ingest data with ebulk in to Wendelin

A tutorial showing how to ingest data in to Wendelin using ebulk.

How To Debug ERP5 Portal Activities

Information on how to debug portal actitvities

NEO Protocol Specification

Specification of the NEO architecture and protocol

Never call changeState of an external gadget

Do not use DOM id attribute in your gadget

Do not use Promise.prototype.then()

Do not use global variables in a gadget

Use JSON compatible arguments

Always check the returned value of a method

What browsers does RenderJS support

RenderJS Concepts

RenderJS API - Quickguide

OfficeJS ERP5 Application Tutorial

In this tutorial, you will learn how to make an offline-first, mobile-friendly OfficeJS web app from scratch based on ERP5, RenderJS and jIO.

Vifib guidelines

Guidelines for Vifib/SlapOS development

Howto integrate Dropbox

Howto integrate Googledrive

How To Prevent Concurrency Execution With A Mutex

How to deploy SlapOS Master with SlapOS

A step by step guide to allocate SlapOS Master instances with SlapOS either through VIFIB Web user interface or through slapconsole command line interface.

Rapidspace User Frequently Asked Questions

RapidSpace frequently asked questions for users answering the most common questions working and developing with ERP5.