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Developer Documentation

Re6st Security

Description of the security inside a re6st network

Re6st Components

Description of all the components involved in a re6st node and re6st registry

Re6st Control Flow

Summary of re6st control flow

Guideline Never Log Level Info Or More In Execution Path

Avoid trivial logs.

Guideline Never Create Interdependent Test Methods

It makes finding broken tests much harder.

Guideline FailUnless Should Not Be Used In Python Unit Tests To Test Identity

Use assertEqual.

How To request Wendelin via the SlapOS Dashboard

Step by step guide on requesting a Wendelin Instance in the SlapOS Panel

Nexedi testing infrastructure explained

Description of all public Nexedi tests

Rapidspace ORS Frequently Asked Questions

List of Frequently Asked Questions for Rapid Space hardware providers.

HowTo ingest data with ebulk in to Wendelin

A tutorial showing how to ingest data in to Wendelin using ebulk.

Raspberry Pi 4

Theia EdgePacer Node Status

Panel EdgePacer Activate Autorun

Dashboard du Panel de Rapid.Space à la Première Connection

Empty Projects in Rapid.Space Panel

Rapid.Space Panel Projects with EdgePacer

Rapid.Space Panel EdgePacer Project

Rapid.Space Panel EdgePacer Service with Contract Warning

Theia EdgePacer Login Form

Theia EdgePacer Full software.cfg