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Guideline Semantic Field Is Named Using My Prefix, Technical Context And Semantic Name

Differentiate between semantic and technical template fields.
  • Last Update:2019-07-15
  • Version:001
  • Language:en

Semantic Field Is Named Using My Prefix, Technical Context And Semantic Name

All semantic template field defined in a field library should be proxy fields (either of a semantic or a technical field). Some technical contexts may be:

  • A form in view mode
  • A form in list mode
  • A form in dialog mode
  • A form in report mode

The technical context is important, because we do not always display things in the same way and there can be different technical configurations depending on the technical context. This naming should be used for all non-technical fields in field libraries:


with technical_context_name having such values:

  • list_mode
  • view_mode
  • dialog_mode
  • report_mode
  • core_mode (if we wish to define fields in library that are independant of the technical context).

Good Example:


-> Base_viewTradeFieldLibrary[my_report_mode_order]
  -> Base_viewFieldLibrary[my_report_mode_category]
    -> Base_viewFieldLibrary[my_core_mode_category]
      -> Base_viewFieldLibrary[my_list_field]


-> Base_viewTradeFieldLibrary[my_dialog_mode_at_date]
  -> Base_viewFieldLibrary[my_dialog_mode_at_date]
    -> Base_viewFieldLibrary[my_date_time_field


-> Base_viewTradeFieldLibrary[my_view_mode_title]
  -> Base_viewFieldLibrary[my_view_mode_title]
    -> Base_viewFieldLibrary[my_core_mode_title]
      -> Base_viewFieldLibrary[my_string_field]


-> Base_viewTradeFieldLibrary[my_report_mode_title]
  -> Base_viewFieldLibrary[my_report_mode_title]
    -> Base_viewFieldLibrary[my_core_mode_title]
      -> Base_viewFieldLibrary[my_string_field]


-> Base_viewTradeFieldLibrary[my_view_mode_sale_source_section]
  -> Base_viewFieldLibrary[my_list_field]


-> Base_viewTradeFieldLibrary[my_view_mode_listbox]
  -> Base_viewFieldLibrary[my_view_mode_listbox]
    -> Base_viewFieldLibrary[my_listbox]