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FAQ Can I work with ERP5 as Consultant?

describes how consulting for ERP5 is possible.
  • Last Update:2016-04-25
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Can I work with ERP5 as Consultant?

Note: Because of the general complexity of Nexedi services regarding ERP5 implementations do NOT include joint development between integrators, partners, consultants and Nexedi. This guarantees responsiblity for a project rests only in one hand and prevents conflicts from communication and related issues which often cause ERP implementations to fail.

Why ERP5?

ERP5 is a 100% open-source solution created 15 years ago to manage the most complex and demanding business applications. ERP5 has been implemented across multiple industries (banking, government, automotive, et. al) around the world with many installations still running today (refer to the success stories for sample case studies).

The ERP5 architecture is very flexible and can be adapted to any business need and process giving partners are truly universal tool to provide top level, industry-grade solutions. A fully open-source code base along with a stable core extended by functional components and complete open source stack allow to provide solutions incorporating consulting, development, hosting and application life cycle management.

Consulting for ERP5

Nexedi, the creator and maintainer of ERP5, supports consultants who want to provide ERP5 to clients by doing implementations outsourced to Nexedi. Acting as consultant enables Nexedi to take full responsibility for the project implementation. During an initial evaulation it will be decided whether a project is accepted or not with consultants receiving a commission on the projects being implemented. For details on the level of commission and payment formalities please contact Nexedi directly through the Nexedi website.