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How To Request ERP5 on the Command Line

How To describing how to install ERP5 with the single line installer for Linux (Windows, Mac not available at this time)
  • Last Update:2016-05-09
  • Version:001
  • Language:en

This how to will help you install ERP5 on the command line. Currently the single line installer is available on Linux only.

Table of Contents

Linux Installer

You can use this single line ERP5 installer to download a production-ready version of ERP5. On the command line, enter:

wget; bash erp5-standalone

This will download and install a development-ready ERP5 cluster on your machine. Note, that SlapOS is currently the preferred way of installing and working with ERP5, because of the SlapOS architecture providing resiliency and security and ERP5 development being closely aligned with SlapOS.

However, with our continued development of NEO it might be possible in the future to create a new linux installer which also satisfies above criteria.

For any questions regarding running ERP5 on Linux or help with our development efforts in this regard, please get in touch with us over the forum or contact us directly.

Windows Installer

An executable file for ERP5 had been produced a long time ago using Nullsoft. However it is no longer up to date. We are looking for contributors to revive the Nullsoft installer for Windows based on buildout. Prerequisities would be to install a Unix compatibility layer environment on Windows such as MinGW. If you are interested, please contact us.

Mac Installer

We are looking for contributors to produce a MacOS installer of ERP5 based on buildout. If you are interested please contact us.

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