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ERP5 CRM provides Enterprise Grade Customer Relation Management (CRM) and advanced integration with existing communication and mobility systems.

Universal Customer Relation

ERP5 CRM has been designed to provide a complete overview of all corporate activities related to third parties such as clients, suppliers, media, etc. It is based on the UBM (Universal Business Model) and implements the "single design, multiple applications" approach, which is typical in all ERP5 solutions. ERP5 CRM can be used to manage customer relations as well as supplier relations, media relations or projects with the same "best practices" as those widely adopted today in marketing and sales.


ERP5 CRM provides the following features:

  • People and Organizations are managed through a single database which unifies clients, suppliers, leads, prospects, media, etc. while keeping their relations and their career history.
  • Events keep track of emails, phone calls, faxes, visits, notes, both incoming and outgoing.
  • Tickets can be used to track sales opportunities, support requests, marketing campaigns or meetings and keep track of all related Events, People and Documents.
  • Documents such as sales offers, specifications, invoices, contracts, tenders, etc. are stored in a central repository, which supports major Office formats (ex. DOC, ODT, XLS, ODS, PDF, etc.), provides full text searchability and guarantees the traceability of business decisions in relation to sales, support, procurement, etc.
  • Workflows: all CRM business processes and security policies are implemented through ERP5 extensible and configurable workflows.
  • Worklists keep track of work progress in a team.
  • Rule Based Security can be configured to make sure that only certain people can access certain information, based on business rules which may be specific to each company; ERP5 security is probably the most advanced security model available on the market for business applications and has been successfully implemented in banking and defense environments.
  • Categories provide direct access to selected records: by region, activity, product interest, market segment, etc.
  • Standard Reports provide an online overview of a sales activity or can be exported as spreadhsheets.
  • Configurable Reports can extend the default set of standard reports to meet specific requirements.
  • Project and Time Management: ERP5 CRM integrates seamlessly with ERP5 Project to provide task management, outsourcing and billing in relation with Tickets.

Successfully Deployed

ERP5 CRM has been deployed successfully by organizations in the following business fields:

  • Aerospace and Defense
  • Government
  • Information Technology
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Transport

Groupware Integration at No Extra Cost

ERP5 CRM provides integration with existing messaging, groupware and mobility solutions.


ERP5 CRM provides full integration with existing messaging environments through IETF standards such as SMTP, IMAP and MIME. Emails, faxes, SMS can be integrated into ERP5 CRM through straightforward SMTP interfacing. Tasks, Events and Tickets can be accessed and synchronized directly from any IMAP compatible email client.

Through its unique integration approach, ERP5 CRM protects the investment in Enterprise grade messaging systems.


ERP5 CRM provides integration with existing calendaring environments through IETF standards (iCalendar) and through OMA standards (SyncML). Tasks, Events or Tickets stored in ERP5 CRM can be accessed online from existing Calendaring client software or synchronized with groupware applications.

Through its unique integration approach, ERP5 CRM protects the investment in Enterprise groupware solutions.


ERP5 CRM provides a Mobility Portal dedicated to mobile systems such as Phones, PDAs, etc. as well as  powerful synchronization tools. With ERP5 CRM and mobile Internet roaming, users can now access all their Enterprise Customer Information anywhere in the world in real time. ERP5 CRM mobility has been tested successfully on all continents through GSM, EDGE, 3G and Wifi networks.

SyncML based synchronization with ERP5 CRM compliments the Mobility Portal with offline features which enable users to keep track of their tasks and contacts in areas with no available network.

ERP5 Mobility has been certified for Nokia E series business phones. Certification for other platforms such as Blackberry or Windows CE can be provided on demand.


See following How-To in order to understand how to install an ERP5 application.