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Guideline Reference Anchor Uses Uppercase Group, Project, Publication Section Or Business

Document name reference options.
  • Last Update:2017-04-10
  • Version:001
  • Language:en

Reference Anchor Is Uppercase And Uses Group, Project, Publication Section Or Business

Associating appropriate references to ERP5 documents is required to implement document naming in a useful way. With an appropriate naming convention, it becomes possible for a document to reference an ERP5 document in full text. For example the word INV-3762546 can be recognised as a Sales Invoice and associated automaticaly to create relations between an email and an invoice in ERP5.

We distinguish 4 kinds of references:

  • References of group using the reference value of the appropriate cateogry (ex. NEXEDI).
  • References of project/ticket for document follow-up. This is the primary approach for document naming that should be followed in Nexedi (ex. BOABAB).
  • References of publication sections for document publication without follow-up. This is the primary approach for naming marketing documents and topic-based knowledge sharing (ex. RECRUITING, MARKETING).
  • References of business documents. Conventions are introduced here to distinguish different types of documents (ex. invoices, orders, may be automatically generated) and allow the creation of links between text and objects within ERP5 (ex. 12345).

Good Examples:


Bad Examples: