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FAQ What to do with the ERP5 VM?

Information on how to use the ERP5 Virtual Machine.
  • Last Update:2016-09-13
  • Version:001
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This document should show what you can and cannot do using the ERP5 Virtual Machine (VM). Please check How To Install an ERP5 VM for a step-by-step guide on installing an instance of ERP5.

Table of Contents

Evaluation and Teaching Instance

The ERP5 VM is a preconfigured ERP5 instance. Preconfigured means a predefined set of categories (Categories for Small Business | Create your own Category Sheet) and certain business templates have already been installed (Install Business Templates).

This was done to have an easy to use evaluation and teaching instance. For example, you could use the VM to do the tutorials and classes in the OSOE project, which is used to teach students how business processes are implemented in ERP systems using ERP5. It's a hands-on course allowing you to run through a set of tutorials and learn how to work with ERP5 (Introduction | Lessons).

Can I use the VM in production?

It's not possible to simply change the configuration of ERP5 and the VM is not set up to be accessible from the outside so while in theory possible, it would be much easier to get an actual production grade instance if you want to really work with ERP5 (HowTo Request a Production Instance on SlapOS Webrunner).

Can I give access to other users to my VM?

To do this you should get a production instance which does not reside inside a VM (see above). Configuring the IP adresses to give access to a VM is possible in theory but depends on your own network. This has not been tried but if you interested, ERP5 should be running on (or another port). You will need to know your IP address and find the address and port that zope is running on (for example, it will probably by To access the VM from the outside, try reaching over [your_ip_like_192.168.0.1]:PORT.

For example, if you check the download page, you can find the IP and port to be set to to give you an idea.

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