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ERP5 Banking provides a complete solution for central banking, cash management, check management and account management. ERP5 Banking includes advanced security based on integrated Human Resource management. It is completely open source yet interfaces with leading commercial databases.

Advanced Security Model

ERP5 Security has been designed and developped to support the strict security requirements of a banking application. Every transaction is associated to a unique security groupe based on the geographic location (site), hierarchical position (function) and the assigned service (group) of each agent. Human Resource management is the driver for security in ERP5 Banking. Whenever an agent is assigned to a different function, site or group access permissions are updated accordingly and immediately.

Cash Management

ERP5 Banking is able to manage inventories of coins and notes. It has the ability to manage thousands of vaults and cash boxes located in different countries. The ERP5 notes and coins model supports monetary unions through variations. Every bank note or coin can be associated to a country, an issue date and a quality status.

Check Management

ERP5 Banking provides complete workflow based check management for full traceability. It also supports ordering, develivering and inventories of checkbooks. Combined with account management, ERP5 Banking provides a ready to use solution for checking account management.

Account Management

ERP5 Banking supports complete account management in multiple currencies. It interfaces with major accounting packages as well as with ERP5 Accounting. Every account owner may assign multiple mandatories with a digitized signature.

Future Developments

ERP5 Banking is currently suited for the requirements of a Central Bank or for Private Banking. It also includes initial support for Asset management. The future developments of ERP5 Banking will cover the needs of general Banking.


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