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ERP5 Government provides a consistent and unified solution for governements and public administraions looking for a proven, global and scalable open source framework to cover their application needs. ERP5 covers finance, human resources, asset management, inventory, document management and knowledge management. It also implements a unique and innovative approach for eGovement: "Digital Paper". ERP5 has been implemented successfully by states, public agencies and extraterritorial organisations worldwide.

ERP5 for Public Administration

ERP5 has been successfuly extended and configured to support the management of public organisations. It currently covers the following scope:

  • Public Accounting: thanks to configurable workflow and accounting taxonomies, ERP5 can be used to implement public accounting in different legislations (ex. M9, M14, OHADA, SOX, etc.)
  • Budget: ERP5 covers budget management requiremets both at the purchasing level and at the book keeping level. ERP5 multidimensional budget design is capable of covering most complex cases of public accounting and budgetting.
  • Asset Management: ERP5 can be used to keep track of public assets and generate ammortization transactions.
  • Purchase: ERP5 can be used to manage the purchasing process through workflows in relation with budget.
  • Payroll: ERP5 is used by governements to manage the payroll of civil servants and to keep track of social expenses.
  • Time Management: ERP5 provides time management and reporting of tasks assigned to civil servant or subcontractors.
  • Technical Management: ERP5 can be used to manage large teams of civil servants and process support requests  from citizens in relation to technical operations.
  • Registries: ERP5 has been used to manage very large national registries of businesses, merchants or citizens and to publish selected records in private or public LDAP directories.
  • Document Archival: ERP5 can be used to archive and index large volumes of documents produced by governements.

With ERP5, governments can start with a limited scope project (ex. Business Registry) and later benefit from many other open source ERP5 modules to leverage their initial investment.

ERP5 eGov: Secure Digital Paper on the Web

Traditional ERP approach is likely to fail when implemented at the level of organisations of the size of national governement. The number of business process is too large to be manageable by a team of consultants. A completely integrated approach, in our opinon, is unreasonable. This is why applicative modules of ERP5 are usually implemented on a per agency or ministry basis rather than globaly.

However, there is a rationale to implementing a globally integrated information system at a national level, for example to ease collaboration between services, to reduce IT costs or to prevent illegal practices. ERP5 eGov is an ERP5 application which was designed to create such information systems with minimal effort and changes to existing systems and applications.

ERP5 eGov is based on the concept of Digital Paper. ERP5 eGov transports existing governmental processes based on physical paper to a secure Web environment. Application forms and justification documents are digitized in a central repository in a way which mimics the excat appearance of existing paper-based forms. Circulation of application files between services and their allocation to civil servants for decision making is managed through a universal workflow capable of covering any type of procedure. Decisions and official documents produced by governmental services or by other software applications are securely archived and indexed in a central repository which also serves as a certification platform.

In addition, ERP5 eGov can provide if necessary the management of core registries in a country, either directly or through synchronization. ERP5 eGov can thus become the key component of a larger SOA based systems which helps heterogenous applications to interroperate.

Successfully Deployed

ERP5 has been deployed successfully by organisations in the following business fields:

  • Central Bank
  • Business Registry
  • Merchant Registry
  • City
  • State
  • Governmental Agency


See following How-To in order to understand how to install an ERP5 application.