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Guideline A Business Template Has Only One Field Library

Field libraries share semantic configuration.
  • Last Update:2017-04-10
  • Version:001
  • Language:en

A Business Template Has Only One Field Library

A business template represents one business field of a larger application. As the field libraries are used to share semantic configuration of forms, there should be only one field library per business template (even if this one contains multiple skin folders).

The only exeption is for surcharging the behaviour of a field library which is sometimes required. In this case, it is required to create another skin folder (following the convention [surcharged_context]_[original_skin_folder_name]) and an empty field library could be created to surcharge the original one.

Good Example:

# In the erp5_project BT5: 

-> erp5_trade/Base_viewTradeFieldLibrary[my_view_mode_title]

Bad Example:


-> erp5_trade/Base_viewTradeFieldLibrary[my_view_mode_title]