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Guideline Documentation Document Must Have Description Abstract

Explain WHAT document contains.
  • Last Update:2017-04-10
  • Version:001
  • Language:en

Documentation Document Must Have Meta Description

Borrowing from reasearch the description or abstract is a short summary of the entire article. It allows the reader to determine whether the article is worth reading. Write WHAT the article contains.

  • Also used as description for search engine optimization
  • Note 155 characters is the search engine limits for displaying text. Try to meaningful in the beginning.
  • Must not contain double quotes (will not be parsed by search engines)
  • Must not contain HTML5 elements (such as links)

Good example:

ERP5 Documentation HowTo showing how to use ZLDIF methods to publish data 
to a LDAP database.

This is useful information because even though a reader might not know what ZLDIF is, the description tells him it shows how to publish data to a LDAP database.

Bad example:

This article explains how to use ZDLIF methods.

Useless you have expert knowledge which we should not expect from 99% of documentation users.