A Sample 4G/5G Offer for a Telecom Operator

It is possible to deploy a complete 4G/5G network from radio to billing to using only generic open source hardware (Open Compute Project, Edge-Core, MITAC, ITRenew, etc.), 4G/5G software stack (Amarisoft), SDR hardware (BJT, AW2S) and open source operation management software (Nexedi SlapOS).
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5G Edge Computing VRAN with SlapOS and Amarisoft

Deploying an LTE network with 5G caracteristics is a matter of a few hours and few thousand euros thanks to Amarisoft and SlapOS. It supports features that none of the big 4 (Huawei, Nokia, Ericsson, ZTE) currently support. This leads to disruptive business models for Telecom industry.
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