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ERP5 is adopted worldwide by banks, governments and corporations for scalable mission critical applications. Its innovative Unified Business Model reduces complexity of configuration and increases flexibility.

Latest News

05-03 2019

Towards reliable SFTP interfaces

Interfacing two applications through SFTP in a reliable way can be very tricky. This blog lists possible approaches towards reliability and fundamental principles that must be enforced.
13-02 2019

Nexedi Showcases SlapOS 4G/5G Network Management System based on Free Software, Open Hardware and Edge Computing

Nexedi will showcase during Mobile World Congress 2019 its next generation Network Management System (SlapOS NMS) designed for low latency 4G and 5G. SlapOS NMS is a Free Software converged solution for edge computing and radio networks. It now supports open source 3GPP stacks (ex. SRS), proprietary stacks (ex. Amarisoft) and open hardware (ex. Lime Microsystems, Open Compute Project).
13-02 2019

SlapOS EdgePacer: plug-and-play Edge Computing for corporate networks based on Nexedi Free Software and Open Hardware

Nexedi will introduce at Mobile World Congress 2019 an innovative Edge Computing enabler: SlapOS EdgePacer. Based on industrial grade Open Hardware by Olimex, SlapOS EdgePacer extends existing corporate networks with essential edge services: content delivery network (CDN), IoT buffering, low latency routing, resilient networking and IPv6 everywhere.
11-01 2019

Scipy and scikit-learn compiled to WebAssembly in Pyodide

The Pyodide project aims to compile the CPython interpreter and scientific Python stack to WebAssembly allowing to use Python libraries in the browser. In the past, numpy, pandas and matplotlib have been packaged in Pyodide. In this post we will outline latest developments funded by Nexedi, which include packaging scipy and scikit-learn, improvements in testing workflow and ability to install packages from custom URLs.

Latest Documents

20-03 2019

Nexedi and OSTV in 2019

OSTV project roadmap by Nexedi - Q1 2019.
19-03 2019

Develop ERP5

Information on how to deploy ERP5 in your company including links to download, documentation, support and forum.
19-03 2019

Deploy ERP5

Information on how to deploy ERP5 in your company including links to download, documentation, support and forum.
14-03 2019

Automated Monitoring and Reporting of Vibrations and Noise Across Sensor-Systems Using Wendelin and Jupyter Notebooks

A complete use case of Nexedi technologies (Wendelin, Jupyter) for the implementation of a Big Data Application in the field of Civil Engineering.