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ERP5 is adopted worldwide by banks, governments and corporations for scalable mission critical applications. Its innovative Unified Business Model reduces complexity of configuration and increases flexibility.

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30-12 2019

Using an /e/ phone as a desktop or laptop

Not so much work remains to be done to turn /e/ into a desktop operating system. Using an /e/ smartphone as a desktop PC with an external screen, keyboard and mouse is already possible with good usability. Using an /e/ smartphone as a laptop is also possible with scrcpy although some minor improvements are still required for usability.
24-12 2019

How does Rapid.Space and SlapOS compare to AWS?

75% of cloud services provided by Amazon AWS could actually be implemented with Nexedi Free Software stack and Rapid.Space low cost, high performance cloud. With the addition of a few third party Free Software, 85% of AWS services could be replaced by sovereign alternatives.
07-10 2019

Free Software Publisher Spotlight

Nexedi is part of the initial selection of European Free Software Publishers presenting at the Spotlight on Free Software Publishers event hosted by Cap Digital, the Libre Endowment Fund and the National Council of Libre Software.
22-09 2019

Nexedi certifies MiTAC OCP Tioga Pass for Debian based SlapOS

Nexedi successfully completed certification of MiTAC Tioga Pass servers for SlapOS operation management system powered by Debian GNU/Linux. Any company can now build their own public or private cloud infrastructure based on a fully open-source, license-free solution with 100% success track record.

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11-02 2020

Career Opportunities

Share our passion for open source software? Curious to work on R&D and industrial projects around the world? Then explore our Nexedi career opportunities.
07-02 2020

TioLive partnership training dates

blog post to give the date of the next partnership training.
07-02 2020

Free ERP5 Express Online Training

News sur la formation en ligne gratuite
07-02 2020

Open Source Software Directory

SC272 OSOR - Open Source Software Directory kick-off meeting