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22-02 2021

Mynij Milestones 1 and 2: what is the limit of flexsearch?

We already know that we can have in Mynij an index of all bee species, of which there are 20 thousand. But what about the 150 million different references in Amazon. Can they fit inside Mynij, ie. inside the web browser's RAM and storage on a typical smartphone?
22-02 2021

What can Mynij become useful for?

Mynij is an experimental personal search engine implemented as a progressive web application. It can add fast indices to public web sites, provide focused results on specialised content such as education, complement product search engines with new business models and circumvent the growing censorship in public search engines.
10-02 2021

Mynij Milestone 5: Sitemap Generation Engine

With the sitemap generation engine, one can generate a content source for the Mynij PWA. This sitemap generation engine is provided as a nodejs application. Automated deployment of thousands of sitemap generations is made possible with SlapOS profile.
05-02 2021

Mynij Milestone 4: Torrent sharing of Index

A user can now decide to enable torrent sharing. The Mynij PWA can become a seeder of an index. Another user with the index Magnet Uri can download the torrent from the seeding browser directly. Indexed can now be shared without having to go through a central platform subject to content sharing restrictions.

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24-02 2021

Career Opportunities

Share our passion for open source software? Curious to work on R&D and industrial projects around the world? Then explore our Nexedi career opportunities.
24-02 2021

SimpleRAN Publications

List of publications of the SimpleRAN initiative.
15-02 2021

Rapid.Space for Hyper Converged Infrastructure

Rapid.Space Hyper Open Cloud can deliver Hyper-Converged Infrastructure on-premise.
31-01 2021

Open Radio Station Licensing Options

The Open Radio Station is a 4G/5G base station hardware available under AGPL or proprietary license.