SlapOS - Managed Cloud

SlapOS provides cloud hosting, infrastructure and orchestration as a service (hosted & managed cloud or managed cloud) ensuring application resiliency and scalability.
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SlapOS | Managed Cloud

Head In The Clouds?

The need to scale is oftentimes a critical and underestimated moment in the life cycle of cloud-based applications. Additional servers need to be setup, coordinated and maintained, quickly adding costs and requiring dedicated infrastructure management. This is where SlapOS can step in and provide Cloud Infrastructure and Orchestration as a Service. Our services cover both "hosted & managed cloud" or "managed cloud" .

Management services usually comprise the setup of a SlapOS master that is then configured to manage any server infrastructure, establish security and accessability permissions as well as guaranteeing system availability. SlapOS can be installed fully automated on any device, operating system and virtual machine (VMWare, OpenStack, Amazon, Azure, Joyent, etc). Of course we can extend SlapOS to also include user management, billing and invoicing if required through integration of basic ERP5 modules.

Our software developers and network specialists can manage the full life cycle of applications, handle virtual machines and (SlapOS) containers as well as develop software releases for any kind of software to be deployed on an infrastructure.

Granular Process or Optimal Instrastructure

As with ERP5, SlapOS projects are usually based on either a detailed documentary analysis or the creation of a prototype system which is then extended.

Integration of a SlapOS master into a large existing infrastructures across multiple data centers or with complex security restrictions is usually handled best in our step-by-step implementation process. This involves understanding a system's structure and then adapting SlapOS by means of our implementation process. Along the way, SlapOS will be fine-tuned to meet requirements, which oftentimes also includes adding support for new types of necessary software ("SlapOS-ification").

On the other hand, new structures can best be setup using the expertise of our specalisits in designing a system that is automated, resilient and scalable from the ground up. This normally involves creationg a prototype setup which is then brought "to par" with requirements using gap analysis. This approach is more tailored to startups, SMUs and systems that may only need to be partially run through SlapOS.

"Best Practice" at Nexedi

Work at Nexedi is typically divided into milestones and task internally with small teams (1-3 developers, < 1 consultant) working closely together on a task-by-task basis. Testing always plays an important role in all projects and usually can take up to 1/3 of development time. For SlapOS this means running unit, functional and scalability tests to ensure that any service can be requested at any time from any location as well as deployment testing. Usually projects of a certain size include dedicated client staff who are aware of all requirements and in charge of know-how transfer during and after a project has been completed.

A Dedicated Team For A Monthly Fee

After your infrastructure has been setup to be managed by SlapOS, Nexedi takes over the role of dedicated system manager along with providing 24/7 support as a base service for a monthly fee. Should new features be required, our team of software specialists can easily integrate software packages and extensions through additional work packages.

Need Your Cloud Run By Experts? Contact Us!

Focus on your application with Nexedi managing your infrastructure in the background! Due to the philosophy of SlapOS to fully automate all processes related to data center management and application deployment, we can normally provide our cloud management services at a fraction of the cost of having a dedicated inhouse team. Successfull implementation examples can be found on both SlapOS and Nexedis website. For further information and individual offers for your business case please contact us through our website's contact section.

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Key Facts

  • Initial Release2010
  • Stable Version1.0.8.1
  • Operating SystemLinux (stable),
    Windows (experimental),
    Android (unstable)
  • LicenceGPL

Key Services

  • Cloud Orchestration
  • Cloud Computing
  • Cloud Management

Key Benefits

  • Resiliency via decentralization
  • Process-based resource sharing
  • Wide application support
  • On board app hosting with billing
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