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Allocate new SlapOS Instance from web UI

A step by step guide to allocate MySQL instances with SlapOS either through VIFIB Web user interface or through slapconsole command line interface.
  • Last Update:2019-10-23
  • Version:003
  • Language:en

Allocate SlapOS instances

Web Request (1)

If you don't have a Vifib account yet, Register to Then go to "My Space" -> "My Services".

Web Request (2)

Click on "New service".

Web Request (3)

Select the "Wordpress" service.

Then click on the Order button.

Web Request (4)

Choose the latest stable version of the software, which should be in the format (you need to have installed the same Wordpress Software Release if you want to deploy instances of it on your computer.).

Click Order

Web Request (5)

You can choose the different parameters of your instance, the computer on which you want the instance in particular(if you don't want it on the public cloud, which would require paying for hosting).

Click on Request when you are done.

Web Request (6)

You can see your instance being deployed. Reload to have up-to-date informations.

Web Request (7)

Your instance is ready. All the needed informations can be found in the "Connection" parameters.

Check out your new Wordpress

Open the url of the frontend with your browser, and you should get the same page.

Next Steps

How to Contribute?

  • Request an instance from the command-line
  • Request an instance from the console API
  • Add your software to SlapOS