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How To Configure Rule

How To showing how to configure test method method
  • Last Update:2016-02-09
  • Version:001
  • Language:en

Configure Test Method

Rule is a Predicate and if rule.test(simulation_movement) is True, the rule will be expanded inside the simulation movement.

Table of Contents

How it works

For root level applied rules (eg. Order Simulation Rule etc.), it can be blank because root level applied rule is decided by 'XXX_getRuleReference' type based method. (XXX it is inconsistent and may be unified in the future.)

After r32519 (2010-02-15), the hierarchy of simulation tree is modified.

  • old simulation tree
AR (Order Rule)
+-SM (order:Sale Order Line, delivery:Sale Packing List Line)
  +-AR (Invoicing Rule)
  • new simulation tree
AR (Order Simulation Rule)
+-SM (delivery:Sale Order Line)    <-- NEW
  +-AR (Deliverying Simulation Rule)          <-- NEW
    +-SM (delivery:Sale Packing List Line)
      +-AR (Invoicing Rule)

Please configure test method appropriately to support intended simulation hierarchy, i.e. test methods for old rules should support old simulation tree only, and test methods for new rules should support new simulation tree only.

Please also note that the implementation of new rules will be modified quite soon, and reconfiguration will be required according to coming modification.

Configure Trade Phase

To use BPM, you need to specify the trade phase. (to be written more)

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