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How To Use Multiple Users Simultaneously

How To showing how to use multiple users for testing and security configuration.
  • Last Update:2019-10-23
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When developing an ERP5 application, one often needs to log in as a different user to test things - especially when security system is under construction. You have to be "zope" to edit scripts, clear cache etc, but you also want to be "jack" to see if security machinery correctly allows and disallows Jack from doing or seeing certain things.

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The Wrong Way

This can be achieved in a number of ways. The most straightforward - launching a few Firefoxes at the same time - doesn't work, because Firefox recognizes it is already running, so you end up with multiple windows of the same Firefox.

You can, of course, use another browser (e.g. Konqueror) to use another account, but this way you quickly run short of browsers.

You can also use different firefox profiles (see above).

The Right Way

The best way is to take advantage of the fact that authentication is url-based - if you use the same site but under another url, it is a different session completely independent of the other one.

Using hosts file

Simply edit your /etc/hosts file:    localhost  jack.localhost  zope.localhost

Now you can log in to:


as zope in one tab, and to


as jack in another tab, and one tab knows nothing about the other.

Note:In such environment, it is sometimes difficult to follow which tab is which, so for development purposes it might be a good idea to hack erp5.css so that the screen looks different depending on who you currently are.

Using Apache

If your site is behind apache acting as proxy, you have to set up a number of virtual hosts ProxyPass-ing to the same backend (refer to apache documentation for details). This works only if your dns provides for that.

Using multiple firefox profiles

You can create different firefox profiles, one for each user. For this you have to set MOZ_NO_REMOTE environment variable. Under linux, just start firefox with this command:

MOZ_NO_REMOTE=1 firefox -ProfileManager

Using Prism

See - a Prism app runs independently of anything, so you can set up and launch any number of browsers to test various users.

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