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Technical Note on Repository Structure

Information on how the erp5 repositories are structured
  • Last Update:2016-06-29
  • Version:001
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This page explains the structure of the erp5 repostitory to help find a way through the repo.

Table of Contents

SVN (no longer available)

As of 2006-04-05, the ERP5 source code is available in an SVN repository. You can grab a copy of it by runing :

$ svn co

Repo hierarchy

The first level contains 3 directories :

  • tags
  • branches
  • trunk

For a description of those terms, see the Subversion website. We'll here just focus on the trunk content.

The trunk contains the following directories :


Contains all Business Templates (except erp5_core and erp5_html_style which are stored in the ERP5 product for bootstrap reasons). Business Templates are something specific to ERP5, see the HackerLexicon. They are stored in the repository in their "expanded" form, as hierarchy of XML exports of zope objects. A "normal" business template is actually a gziped tarball of a directory. For example, to generate a ready-to-import business template for erp5_base, you need to run from the bt5 directory: $ tar czf erp5_base.bt5 erp5_base


Contains all products. Products are a zope concept, see the Zope website.


Contains some tools about ERP5.

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