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Document module features

  • Last Update:2010-10-01
  • Version:001
  • Language:en

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How can the Document module help your business ?

Tiolive Document module helps you import and store your documents online and share them with your staff. More than 80 formats are supported, and each document is exportable by anyone who wants to modify it.


  • Store, share and organize your documents
  • Manage your documents by choosing in which section they are stored (ex:private, marketing, contracts, etc)
  • Automated version number
  • Language management
  • Preview your documents
  • Monitoring through "history" tab


Document module Features

  • Title, short title
  • Reference
  • Version
  • Language
  • File type
  • Classification
  • Groups
  • Functions
  • Follow
  • Publication section
  • Contributors
  • Keywords
  • Related documents
  • Preview