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ERP5 Documentation Index

The ERP5 Documentation Index provides an overview of the different documentation sections for developers and users of ERP5.
  • Last Update:2016-03-16
  • Version:001
  • Language:en

Welcome into the ERP5 documentation. This section provides a single point of access to all ERP5 documentation.


  • Guidelines

    Give an overview of best practices, conventions and general knowledge for understanding, working with and debugging ERP5 as developer and user.

  • Design Documents

    Design documents explain core principles on which the source of ERP5 is based on to ensure code is understandable and usable by everyone.

  • User Manuals

    User Manuals demonstrate key features of ERP5 to potential users highlighting the underlying concepts.

  • Developer Tutorials

    Tutorial showing how to install an ERP5 instance and get started as ERP5 developer.

  • HowTos

    Focus on detailling specific functionalities and use cases within ERP5 to give a more in depth view into working with specific components.

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    ERP5 frequently asked questions for developers, users and consultants try to answer the most common questions working with ERP5.

  • Business Templates (bt5)

    Index of functional components in ERP5, internally referred to as business templates (or bt5).

  • Technical Notes

    ERP5 Technical Notes are small sections possibly originating from a discussion to highlight or explain a specific topic in ERP5.

  • Test Suites

    Overview of ERP5 automatic test suites covering unit, integration, performance and naming conventions.

  • Internationalization

    This includes all documentation materials focusing on ERP5 localisation as well as references to guidelines for the localisation process.

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