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Why Tiolive?

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  • Last Update:2009-10-30
  • Version:002
  • Language:en

TioLive provides more freedom and flexibility than any another online Enterprise solution.

TioLive is Free

TioLive Free subscription provides a true ERP, a true CRM, a true DMS and all communication tools for Free.

TioLive has no User License

TioLive Expert and Dedicate pricing do not depend on the number of users. You can create as many users as you wish for your staff or your partners.

TioLive is Complete

TioLive provides everything, with a single log-in, from a single source to operate a company.

TioLive is Solid

TioLive is based on rock solid technologies which have been implemented and tested by aerospace, central bank, automotive, government, etc.

TioLive is Flexible

A small company can start running its business with TioLive Free then later migrate to TioLive Expert or TioLive Dedicate whenever it needs to customize its environment and meet more complex requirements.

TioLive is Open Source

TioLive applications are all Open Source. This implies that our clients can download the source code of all applications and install them on their own server, either by themselves or with the help of an Open Source service company.

The Data is Yours

TioLive paying subscribers can download all their data in native format. This includes both application data and log data. Unlike most online Enterprise solutions, nothing prevents our clients from leaving us. Moreover, everything you enter in our platform can later be retrieved.

TioLive is Mobile

TioLive is optimized to be used on mobile phones. TioLive applications support low bandwidth / high latency networks which are still common in many countries.

TioLive is Privacy

TioLive will not provide your data to tax administration, to police or marketing companies. Unless a court injunction comes in, we will keep your data secret.

Because servers are hosted outside the United States, dispositions of the Patriot Act which go against enterprise freedom or privacy do not apply to TioLive.

TioLive is Loyal

Any incident which happens to our platform, whether it is caused by us or by an intruder, will not be hidden and will be reported to you as soon as we are aware.

TioLive is Standard

All TioLive applications are based on IETF standards which are compatible with multiple client applications.

TioLive is Compatible

TioLive is designed and tested for Windows, MacOS and Linux, as well as standard compliant mobile phones such as Nokia E Series.

Tiolive is part of the "TIO Libre" association

TIO Libre is a community of corporate service providers and experts who share the goal of providing freedom and loyalty to Web based outsourcing services.

Whenever your service provider use technicals or legal methods to prevent you from migrating to another provider, clients are no longer free.

With TioLive you are always free to download the source code of your applications and download all your data.

Learn more about TIO Libre.