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Here are some ideas about debugging.
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Here are some ideas about debugging.

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Many information about debugging are merged into HowToDebugERP5.


Here I am going to post some ideas I have/had during the testing. It is an empty placeholder for now. If you are interested in this topic, please watch for updates and be ready for discussion, you might very well have much better ideas than me.

Fast updates of the business templates

It can be a little bit tedious to manually rebuild the business templates, download them and then finally copy them to the bt5 folder. But it is quite easy to automate it. First we need a script which will automatically rebuild the templates and export them:

   1 template = context.portal_templates[template]
   3 # redirect, so that build and export are in two different transactions
   4 return context.REQUEST.RESPONSE.redirect('%s/BusinessTemplate_export' % template.absolute_url())
   6 # I (jerome) leave the above, because I'm not sure wget follow redirects by default.
   7 # return template.BusinessTemplate_export()

I created a pythonscript in the portal_skin "custom" and called it download_template

To call it easily, we need to be able to call it. We use cookie based authentication in our erp5 project, so using a user from within erp5 is not easy. By creating a user in an acl_users folder a level below we usually have a user which can be authenticated via http-auth, this can easily be done with wget. So we write a script to download all business templates:

  for i in module1 module2 module3 module5
    wget --http-user=my_user --http-passwd=my_password$i
    mv download_template?template=myprefix_$i myprefix_$i.bt5

name this script as you wish, and put it in the correct folder. In our case we named it and put it in /var/lib/zope/bt5/ourproject_bt5

Now you call the script and wait a bit, then you have the latest version of the business templates. Please beware, I used relate paths in my shell script. If you want to be able to call the script from other directions, use absolute paths!

Access web interface from unit tests.

With ZopeTestCase, you can start a ZServer and use your web browser inside your test environment.

Enter this at pdb prompt:

   1 (Pdb) import Testing.ZopeTestCase.utils
   2 (Pdb) Testing.ZopeTestCase.utils.startZServer()
   3 ('', 55186) # ip address, port

In this example, a web server is started on port 55186. To acess your portal, you'll need to know your portal id (using ERP5TypeTestCase.getPortalId()). You can log as any user created in the unit test.

I have this in my .pdbrc:

  alias zserver import Testing.ZopeTestCase.utils; from AccessControl import getSecurityManager; import webbrowser;"http://%s:%s/%s/view?__ac_name=%s&__ac_password=%s" % ( Testing.ZopeTestCase.utils.startZServer() + 
  (self.getPortalId(), getSecurityManager().getUser(), getattr(getSecurityManager().getUser(), '__', '') )))


This can become a very specific howto. I would recommend to include this idea in ERP5 developer utils as a standard.

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