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Guideline Use Glossary Defined Prefix For Specific Semantics

Field libraries should be consistent within.
  • Last Update:2019-07-15
  • Version:001
  • Language:en

Use Glossary Defined Prefix For Specific Semantics

for Arrow there is a specific semantic for trade, sometimes there is the point of view of the seller, sometimes from the buyer (and even sometimes it's only internal movement, I didn't worked on it yet). So here for every field about source/destination, I use 2 different names with "sale" or "purchase" inside:

Good Example:


-> Base_viewTradeFieldLibrary[my_sale_source_section]
-> Base_viewFieldLibrary[my_list_field]


-> Base_viewTradeFieldLibrary[my_purchase_destination_section]
-> Base_viewFieldLibrary[my_list_field]

Please try as much as possible to utilize prefix which are consistent with those defined in business_fields of the Glossary.