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Business Phone with TioLive

Description of TioLive VOIP service
  • Last Update:2009-10-30
  • Version:001
  • Language:en

TioLive Business Phone is a free and secure integrated global communication solution for all of your business needs.

Compatible with virtually all computers and mobile phones, TioLive Business Phone is able to provide a Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) phone for every member of your staff and your choice of selected business partners. TioLive Business Phone is compatible with virtually any PC, any laptop and any mobile phone.

TioLive Business Phone is Internet standards compliant (IMAP, SMTP) and is engineered with Open Source Technologies, allowing you the freedom to manage your business communication in any manner that you choose.

A Business Phone for Your Entire Staff

TioLive imposes no limits to the number of users. It is possible to create as many SIP phones as you need, at no extra cost.

TioLive Business Phone is integrated with TioLive Contact Management. Each time you register a new user in your TioLive environment, a new SIP phone is created automatically for that user.

Every communication environment used by your staff (email, chat, VOIP, etc.) is provided automatically as a result of the user registration procedure.

Windows, Mac and Linux Access

Users can use their TioLive SIP address from their PC or laptop using their favorite SIP Phone application. Compatible applications include QuteCom, X-Lite, Twinkle, Ekiga and many more.

Mobile Phone Access

TioLive Business Phone can be accessed from mobile phones. Modern smartphones, such as the Nokia E71 include an integrated SIP Phone client with Wifi support. Thanks to the massive adoption of Wifi it is now possible to place VOIP calls talk to colleagues at not cost virtually anywhere in the world.

IETF Standards Compliant

TioLive is fully based on open standards approved by the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF): SIP and RTP. The use of open standards greatly simplifies the interoperability of TioLive with third party applications or services. It also eliminates roaming problems usually found in proprietary mobile email technologies.

Feature overview

  • Unlimited number of SIP addresses for all your staff

  • Automatic creation of SIP address for every user

  • Standard compliant SIP technology

  • Compatible with Windows, MacOS and Linux

  • Compatible with smartphones