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How To Add Multiple Roles to Persons and Organisations

How To showing how to add multiple roles to a person or organisation.
  • Last Update:2017-01-20
  • Version:003
  • Language:en

This how to shows the steps needed to add multiple roles to a person or organisation (for example the same company being client and supplier). It does not cover how to adding a person or organisation itself.

Table of Contents

Adding A Role To A Person Or Organisation

  • Go to the person or organisation module.
  • Select the person or organisation you want to add a role to.
  • From the View tab, select a role and Save.

Adding Additional Roles To A Person Or Organisation

  • Once a role has been saved, a new drop down menu is available under the existing role.
  • Select a second role and Save again.
  • Repeat this step as often as necessary.

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