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How To Create New Person and Organisation

How To showing how to add persons and organizations to ERP5.
  • Last Update:2017-01-20
  • Version:003
  • Language:en

This document shows how a person or organisation can be created through the new/clone icons or via a Relation field. It does not cover the default way to add a person or organisation in ERP5.

Table of Contents

Adding a Person or Organisation through the New Icon

  • In the person or organisation module click the new icon to create a new object.
  • Fill out all the information you have.
  • Save the form.

Note it is often faster to clone from an existing object. To do this, go to a person or organisation and click the clone icon (just besides new).

Adding a Person or Organisation through a Relation Field

  • Enter a new name or organisaton on any form that requires either one.
  • You will be prompet when you Save the form and the object does not exist.
  • Select Add Person or Add Organisation and save again.

Please note that the person or organisation record will be empty until you fill in more information. You can access the created items by clicking on the 'Go to' icon (open in a new tab to keep the record you are working on accessible.

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