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How To Create New Offer

How To showing how to create new offers in ERP5.
  • Last Update:2016-02-09
  • Version:003
  • Language:en

How To showing how to create a new offer in ERP5.

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In ERP5 an offer is just a worflow state of an order. So if you want to prepare and print an offer, the procedure goes as follow:

  1. Go to 'Sale/Purchase Order' module thanks to 'Modules' menu
  2. Create and prepare an Order (learn how to create new order)
  3. Transform the order in an offer: 'Action' >> 'Make Offer'
  4. The Order is now in 'Offered' State which means an offer has been made to you (Purchase order) or to the client (Sale order) and you are waiting for the reply
  5. When the reply is 'Yes': 'Action' >> 'Accept Offer', when the reply is 'No': 'Action' >> 'Reject Offer'

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