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How To Delete Document in DMS

How To showing how to set a document to deleted state in ERP5 DMS.
  • Last Update:2016-02-09
  • Version:003
  • Language:en

How to showing how to delete a document in DMS. Not this will only set the document state to Deleted. The document itself cannot be removed.

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Depending on the status of the document, you will be able or not to delete it.

Only Submitted and Draft Documents can be deleted. If you want to delete documents with different status, you first have to change the status. Learn more about Documents Status in DMS.

To Delete a document, the procedure goes as follows :

  1. Go to the Documents module which will provide you a list of every Documents in this module.
  2. Select the Documents by clicking on the small square at the beginning of the line
  3. Click on the small red cross button in the action bar, which brings you to a confirmation dialog
  4. Check the list of Documents that will be deleted
  5. Click on "delete objects" button to confirm

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